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Snow, Helen Foster, 1907-1997



  • Existence: 1907 - 1997


Helen Foster Snow (1907-1997) was an American journalist, photographer, and activist in China.

Helen Foster Snow was born on September 21, 1907 in Cedar City, Utah. She attended West High School. After graduating, she attended the University of Utah. She took the civil service exam, gained a position in China, and moved to Shanghai in August 1931. After arriving in China Helen met Edgar Snow, a reporter also from the U.S. The two were married on December 25, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan. The couple moved to Peking where Helen Foster Snow attended and Edgar taught at Yanjing University. From there they published information regarding the Manchurian incident. Helen Foster and Edgar Snow sympathized with the students who protested the government and its complacency toward Japanese invasion. They helped plan the December movements, and covered events censored in Chinese papers.

Helen published an interview with Zhang Xueliang, a general, who expressed support for communists, contradicting Chiang Kai-shek. In 1937 Edgar and Helen published the magazine Democracy. She worked on the editorial board to editor, and then the editor while Edgar wrote Red Star over China.

Snow entered the communist camp in April 1937, where she interviewed leaders, women, and children of the camp. She would publish her findings in her book Inside Red China in 1938. Helen later toured the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives and wrote to raise support of the initiatives. Helen returned to the United States, living in Madison, Connecticut and travelling the world. Helen died on January 11, 1997.

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UPB files, July 25, 2018 (1931, American consulate; Living China, short stories, 1935; photojournalism; Song of Ariran)

Found in 61 Collections and/or Records:

Helen Foster Snow files on The Chinese labor movement, approximately 1945

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 4
Scope and Contents note

The Chinese Labor Movement was a book written by Helen Foster Snow under the pseudonym of Nym Wales in 1945. Contains letters, reviews, annotated drafts, carbon copies, extracts, and miscellaneous papers.

Dates: Other: approximately 1945

Helen Foster Snow files on The Root and the Branch, undated

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 14
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Contains manuscripts and associated materials produced by Helen Foster Snow, both inside the United States and in China. Includes non-fiction and fiction writings on China and other topics. Materials date from between 1919 and 1995.

Dates: undated

Helen Foster Snow files on Women in Modern China, approximately 1967

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 7
Scope and Contents note

"Women in Modern China" was a book written by Helen Foster Snow (Nym Wales) that was published in 1967. Contains draft cuts, draft sections, loose chapters, and partial and complete drafts.

Dates: Other: approximately 1967

Helen Foster Snow industrial cooperatives writings, 1975-1993, 1938-1959

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 2 Sub-Series 3
Scope and Contents Contains materials concerning the Chinese Cooperative Movement, cooperatives in India, cooperatives in the Western Hemisphere, and miscellaneous cooperative materials, including Helen Foster Snow's philosophy behind cooperatives. Many folders containing cooperative materials retained their original order and were preserved in whole in the collection. These folders will be noted with an * in the folder description. Unless otherwise noted, the materials are by Helen Foster Snow....
Dates: 1975-1993; 1938-1959

Helen Foster Snow legal and personal papers, 1941-1983

 Sub-Series — Box 171: Series 8 [Barcode: 31197227638225]
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8 Sub-Series 3
Scope and Contents

Contains marriage certificate and documents, correspondence between Helen and Edgar, separation agreement and divorce papers, Helen's writings about the marriage, alimony papers, last will and testament, warranty and mortgage deeds, notes and correspondence on finances, information on Helen's literary trust fund and properties.

Dates: 1941-1983

Helen Foster Snow manuscripts published inside the United States, 1936

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 1
Scope and Contents note

"Inside Red China" was Helen's first published book. The material for this book was collected during Helen's trip to Yan'an in 1936. During her time in Yan'an she conducted interviews with many people including Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Zhu De. Included are book reviews and publication information, drafts of parts of the book (preface, contents, chapters, foreword, glossary), proofs and corrections, and carbon and annotated drafts (partial).

Dates: 1936

Helen Foster Snow manuscripts published outside the United States, 1923-1980

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 11
Scope and Contents note Contains drafts and other materials (bound and annotated copies, drafts in sections, etc.) for My Yenan Notebooks, An American Experience in China, Return to China, Mao Country, Notes on the Chinese Student Movement, Notes on the China Experience, Old Impressions and Memoirs of Yenan, Profiles from China, The Chinese-American Special Relationship, The Gung Ho Papers, Totemism, the T'ao-T'ieh and the Chinese Ritual Bronzes, Unbound Feet, Women in Traditional China, and others. Dated...
Dates: Other: 1923-1980

Helen Foster Snow miscellaneous materials, 1726-2000

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8
Scope and Contents

Contains miscellaneous documents, manuscripts, and papers relating to Edgar and Helen Foster Snow, mostly concerning their lives outside of their careers. Materials date from 1726-2000.

Dates: 1726-2000

Helen Foster Snow miscellaneous papers, 1880-1997

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8 Sub-Series 5
Scope and Contents

Contains scrapbooks, awards, and memorial service materials. Also included are papers relating to Snow's story and movie contracts (notebooks, journals, maps, contracts, art, Chinese currency, correspondence, report cards, silks and woodcuts, Indusco materials, passports, war ration books, and postcards). Additionally, Snow's official 1934 transcript from the University of Utah prior to her departure to China. Materials date from 1880-1997.

Dates: 1880-1997

Helen Foster Snow negatives, approximately 1875-1991

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 5 Sub-Series 4
Scope and Contents Contains negatives and copy negatives of various sizes for the photographs found throughout the Helen Foster Snow photographs series. Box 177 contains negatives #1-3610, Box 197 contains negatives #3627-9621, box 200 contains negatives #9267-9705, box 201 contains negatives in larger sleeves from #448-9355, and box 163 contains various other negatives, mostly from the higher range of photograph numbers. Box 195 and 196 contain glass slide negatives for #11,143-11, 248. Materials date from...
Dates: approximately 1875-1991

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