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Mormon Church -- Folklore

Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 4450 Collections and/or Records:

A little help with eternity : marriage advice given by LDS mission presidents / by Lauralee Schumann, 2003 March 4

 Item — Box 277: [Barcode: 31197233255238]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2761
Scope and Contents note Collection of marriage advice stories. The advice originates from Latter-day Saint mission presidents. A mission president is in charge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's missionaries serving in a particular area of the world. The advice tends to encourage the young people to marry soon after their two year mission, and to realize how important that marriage is to their life and life hereafter. Schumann found many reoccurring themes with in the stories. She discusses the role...
Dates: Other: 2003 March 4

A living hell : roommate horror stories / Taylor Donohoo, 2008

 Item — Box 442: [Barcode: 31197233257101]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4413
Scope and Contents note This project is a collection of bad roommate stories. The analysis comments on the significance of a comfortable home in American culture, and how bad roommates upset that ideal. Also compares the stories to the disrupted ideals of a childhood home. Includes a ten-item collection including stories about roommates who would wear an informant's underwear, nose picking, parties involving alcohol and marijuana, angry roommates, and others. Collected by Taylor Donohoo, Dr. Rudy's ENGL 392 class,...
Dates: Other: 2008

A living legacy / Brooke Thompson, 2000

 Item — Box 213: [Barcode: 31197233254553]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2126
Scope and Contents note Thompson interviewed her great-grandmother in an effort to better understand the head of her family. She made a point of learning about her great-grandmother's early childhood and education as well as her adult life raising and attending to a family. Project was created for Dr. Rudy's English 392 course taught at Brigham Young University in 2000.
Dates: Other: 2000

A living legacy : the story of my mother / Lora Elizabeth Bonham, 2000

 Item — Box 191: [Barcode: 31197233254454]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 1904
Scope and Contents note Bonham collected interviews from family member about favorite memories that involve Joyce Mitchell. Included are stories from her friends, her siblings, and her grandchildren. Project was created for Dr. Eliason's English 386 course taught at Brigham Young University in 2000.
Dates: Other: 2000

A living legend : Joe Halle / Camille Broadbent, 1974

 Item — Box 18: [Barcode: 31197233253233]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 175
Scope and Contents note Broadbent interviewed a friend about the trapping and wilderness legend Joe Halle. Included are stories about hunting adventures, clients for his kills, and trapping dangerous game. Project was created for Dr. Wilson's English 391 course taught at Brigham Young University in 1974.
Dates: Other: 1974

A look at Hadlyme, Connecticut--my home town / Laura Lee Luther, 1975

 File — Box 30: [Barcode: 31197233253308]
Identifier: FA 1 File 300
Scope and Contents Submitted by BYU student Laura Lee Luther for her January 1971 English 391 class. About the hereditary folklore and traditions as told by New England natives about traditional Hadlyme, Connecticut. Contains a cover essay, informant abstracts, and informant's items. Items include a letter from Laura Lee Luther's father about his life growing up in Hadlyme, from his one-room schoolhouse to his memories of WWI and his everyday life, her father's college diary on his daily impressions, the history...
Dates: 1975

A look at Mormons through their spirit world memorates / Kerril Sue Rollins, 1977

 File — Box 38: [Barcode: 31197233253399]
Identifier: FA 1 File 375
Scope and Contents Submitted by BYU student Kerril Sue Rollins for her Summer 1977 English 520R class under Professor Wm. A. Wilson. About collecting Mormons folk narratives about the spirit world. Contains a cover essay, autobiographical sketch, informant lists, and informant's items. Items include a father urging his daughter to do his temple work, an angel in the room, a spirit that kept close watch on a man's wife and family, a spirit visiting his future mother and father, motivation to do temple work,...
Dates: 1977

A look inside real life : Margie Mae Winterton Andrus / Kristen Andrus, 2003

 Item — Box 268: [Barcode: 31197233255089]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2675

A man of few words with an eye for beauty and service : Sterling Monroe Bylund / Sarah Bylund, 1999

 Item — Box 431: [Barcode: 31197233257010]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4310
Scope and Contents note This project is a compilation of the life story of the collector's grandfather, Sterling Monroe Bylund. The history includes the importance of religion in the informant's life, his jobs, experience in the merchant marines, his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Norway, his courtship and marriage, church callings, and many other aspects of Sterling Monroe Bylund's life. Based on an interview with the informant. Introduction comments on informant's quiet nature and the...
Dates: Other: 1999

A man sent from God / Virginia Curtis, 1982 October 2

Identifier: FA 2 Series 3 Sub-Series 2 Item
Scope and Contents note Report by Brigham Young University folklore student Virginia Curtis, who collected information from his mother, Margaret Hammond Curtis. Story recounts how Margaret's ancestor becomes very ill while traveling with his wife and son. After her prayers, he is revived by a physician who rides the train with them only long enough to do so.
Dates: Other: 1982 October 2