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Mormon Church -- Folklore

Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 4450 Collections and/or Records:

A folklore collection and study on smart pets : America's obsession with Lassie / T. Alexandra Faubus, 2000

 Item — Box 227: [Barcode: 31197233254694]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2268
Scope and Contents note Faubus writes about the unusual habits and attitudes of pets. Includes pets who perform tricks that they had never been trained, pets saving other animals, and pets saving people. Project created for Dr. Thursby's English 495 course taught at Brigham Young University during the Summer of 2000.
Dates: Other: 2000

A folklore collection of collections / Jessica R. Martin, 2005 August 10

 Item — Box 346: [Barcode: 31197233255980]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 3456
Scope and Contents note Martin examines the drive, excitement and fulfillment of various personal collections of certain items. Through the acquisition of collections, Martin asserts, one can develop an improved insight into the inner workings of the mind, talents and interests of collector. In addition, the historical context of many collections is examined. Created by Jessica Rose Martin while enrolled in Jacqueline Thursby's English 495 course during summer semester of 2005.
Dates: Other: 2005 August 10

A folklore of faith, not folly / A. Allen Mills, 2003

 Item — Box 329: [Barcode: 31197233255808]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 3283
Scope and Contents note Mills analyzes Mormon missionary story folklore and then divides it into categories that reflect on its subject matter. Mills discusses each category of missionary folklore and then charts similarities in the content of their stories on a visual diagram. He then analyzes the occurrence of several themes in the personal narratives and rumors that he collected for this project. Created by Allen A. Mills when he was enrolled in Dierdre Paulsen's English 303 class in fall 2003.
Dates: Other: 2003

A folklore project about fishing / David Jensen, 1996

 Item — Box 132: [Barcode: 31197233256285]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 1312
Scope and Contents David Jensen collected folklore about fishing. Included are stories about a bear stealing a fisherman's fish, a boy's sister causing him to lose a large fish he'd caught, and two boys camping on a boat in order to catch catfish. Project was written for an Honors P 200 class taught at Brigham Young University during Winter semester 1996.
Dates: 1996

A gaggle of geeks : a flock of freaks : traditions and customs among the drama kids of Cottonwood Junior High / Anna Jensen, 2003

 Item — Box 301: [Barcode: 31197233255543]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 3003
Scope and Contents note Jensen collects folklore from the Cottonwood Drama Club and analyzes it in terms of its traditional, artistic, social, and creative functions. She divides the types of folklore into the traditions surrounding initiation, graduation, and pre- and post-show rituals. She suggests that drama kids use folkloric traditions and rituals to establish camaraderie in a group that stereotypically consists of outcasts and eccentrics. She believes that drama kids use rituals to unite themselves, protect...
Dates: Other: 2003

A glimpse into the past and a glimmer of the future : the Barton family collage / by Ashley Barton, 1999

 Item — Box 209: [Barcode: 31197233254512]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2082
Scope and Contents note Barton collected stories and myths that her family shares at reunions. Includes pranks elder siblings played, myths about hidden treasure, and stories of ancestors. Project was created for an English course taught at Brigham Young University in 1999.
Dates: Other: 1999

A glimpse of paradise / Rex W. Allred, 1967 December

Identifier: FA 2 Series 5 Sub-Series 1 Item
Scope and Contents note Report by Rex W. Allred, who collected information from Alice H. Allred, who heard the story nearly sixty years earlier from her mother. Story recounts how Alice's great-grandfather dies for an hour and reports deciding to return from a beautiful home to comfort his wife for six more months.
Dates: Other: 1967 December

A guaranteed life : fantasy and reality in children's fortune-telling games / Marilee Clark, 1999

 Item — Box 202: [Barcode: 31197233254363]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2019
Scope and Contents note Clark examines fortune-telling games that are played by children. Includes diagrams, instructions and why the games are played. Project was created for an English 391 course taught at Brigham Young University in 1999.
Dates: Other: 1999

A heritage of folklore / Brenda Baker, 1994

 Item — Box 115: [Barcode: 31197233254140]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 1146
Scope and Contents Brenda Baker collected personal narratives from and about her ancestors. Included are stories about a bear trapper ancestor who was mauled by a bear and died, an explanation of why all the women in the family are headstrong, and stories from the collector's grandmother's childhood. Project was written for an English 392 class taught at Brigham Young University during Winter semester 1994.
Dates: 1994

A hole in the sky / Lynette Stephens, 1971 May 1

Identifier: FA 2 Series 3 Sub-Series 2 Item
Scope and Contents note Report by Lynette Stephens, who collected information from Dale Stephens. Story recounts how three apostles' prayer diverts rain around the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
Dates: Other: 1971 May 1