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College students' writings

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A comparison of the folklore of the wandering Jew and the folklore of the Three Nephites / Merilynne Rich , 1961

 Item — Box 76: [Barcode: 31197233253803], Folder: 9
Identifier: FA 1 Item 825
Scope and Contents

Merilynne Rich collected narratives documenting folklore of the Wandering Jew and the Three Nephites. Included are a comparison of the narratives, and a term paper for an English 674 class analyzing the legend of the Wandering Jew in English Romantic literature. Project was written in 1961.

Dates: 1961

A comparison of urban and rural child rhymes / Gary A. Peterson, 1978

 Item — Box 55: [Barcode: 31197233253639], Folder: 10
Identifier: FA 1 Item 601
Scope and Contents

Submitted by BYU student Gary A. Petersen for his FAll 1978 English 391 class. About the differences and similarities between children's rhymes when in different socio-economic backgrounds. Contains a cover essay, autobiographical sketch, list of informants, and informant items. Items include rhymes like one potatoe, two potatoe, patty cake, eeny meeny miny mo, teacher teacher, blue shoes, one for the money, and na na nanny goat.

Dates: 1978

A comparison of version of family stories / Carolyn Ellsworth, 1976

 Item — Box 21: [Barcode: 31197233253126], Folder: 4
Identifier: FA 1 Item 226
Scope and Contents

Ellsworth collected family stories from different sources to see how and why the different narrations changed through the telling. Included are three separate viewpoints on three different stories; the stories are titled "Voice from Hill Cumorah," "Heavenly messenger takes baby," and "Mary's mistake." Project was created for an English 391 course taught at Brigham Young University in 1976.

Dates: 1976

A correlation of Indian legends and L.D.S. church teachings / by Thomas L. Howard and Kathy Bateman, 1971 January 6

 Item — Box 14: [Barcode: 31197233253217], Folder: 8
Identifier: FA 1 Item 156
Scope and Contents

Collection of Native American stories that correlate with Mormon teaching. Included are specific similarities to Mormon culture, stories related to the return of a white God, the building of a temple, the powers of medicine men, and three Nephite stories. Created for Brigham Young University's English 391 course taught by Dr. Wilson on January 6, 1971.

Dates: 1971 January 6

A crazy elder's animal escapades : a collection of Mormon missionary stories / by Carlee Weller, 2009 December 10

 Item — Box 367: [Barcode: 31197233256780], Folder: 10
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4573
Scope and Contents note

Collection of stories about a missionary's experiences with animals. Includes stories of Nathan Weller's mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his encounters with odd food, close encounters with exotic animals, and trying to show off unique creatures. Created for Dr. Eliason's English 391 taught at Brigham Young University, Fall, 2009.

Dates: Other: 2009 December 10

A cure for the hiccup / Scott Lowe, 1985

 Item — Box 53: [Barcode: 31197233253589], Folder: 8
Identifier: FA 1 Item 575
Scope and Contents

Submitted by BYU student Scott Lowe for his Winter 1985 English 392 class. About many folk medicine cures for the hiccups. Contains a cover essay, autobiographical sketch, list of informants, and informant items. Items include the gesture cure to hiccups, antidotes as a cure for hiccups, to rhyme away the pain and more.

Dates: 1985

A curse tradition within Latte-day Saint folklore, 2018

 Item — Box 386: [Barcode: 31197233256723], Folder: 18
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4905
Scope and Contents

Submitted by BYU student Mason Graham for his English 495 fall course. An essay on the Latter-day Saint tradition of dusting feet.

Dates: 2018

A Danish Christmas : a collection of Danish Christmas Folklore / by Jessica M. Hales, 2002

 Item — Box 231: [Barcode: 31197233254736], Folder: 2
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2432
Scope and Contents note

Hales discusses her family's Christmas traditions in light of their Danish heritage. She describes various advent calendars, decorations, and food used to celebrate the month before Christmas. She also discusses the traditions surrounding the actual Christmas day that her mother experienced while growing up in Denmark. The projected written for Dr. Thursby's English 391 course taught at Brigham Young University during the winter semester 2002.

Dates: Other: 2002

A day in Dad's shed : a lifetime of memories / Abraham Knell, 2000

 Item — Box 226: [Barcode: 31197233254660], Folder: 2
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2376
Scope and Contents note

Knell writes about family narratives relating to his father. Includes stories of faith, of injury and of celebration. The project was collected after Lee Campbell Knell had a terrible stroke. His family not knowing how much time he had left to live took the opportunity to share memories and love of their father, brother, and husband. The project was created for Dr. Rudy's English 392 course during winter semester 2000 at Brigham Young University.

Dates: Other: 2000

A day which will live in infamy : September 11th internet folklore / Shelley Aagard, 2001

 Item — Box 252: [Barcode: 31197233254884], Folder: 7
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2746
Scope and Contents note

Collection of emails containing commentary on the 9/11 attacks. Some of the emails are comical and some emotionally touching. Aagard mentions the recent development of internet lore and how email is used to spread information and opinions quickly and to masses. Aagard suggests, in relation to the comical emails, that often humans use comedy as a coping mechanism. Created by Shelley Aagard while she was enrolled in Eric Eliason's English 391 class during the fall semester of 2001.

Dates: Other: 2001