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College students' writings

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A man's man : stories of Bert Townsend Rider as told by members of his family / Erin Christine Rider, 2007

 Item — Box 346: [Barcode: 31197233255980], Folder: 8
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4203
Scope and Contents note

A collection of the stories told by family members of Bert Townsend Rider. The stories mostly come from the collector's father's upbringing. People interviewed are Jocye Beck, Steven Rider, Creighton Rider, and Ramona Murray. Stories are categorized by childhood, World War II, marriage, family life, hobbies, personal traits, and death. There are 44 narratives in this collection. Collected by Erin Christine Rider, Dr. Deirdre Paulsen's HON 303R class, Winter 2007.

Dates: Other: 2007

"A million-dollar experience that I wouldn't give ten cents for again" : stories of Franklin D. Day, USMC World War II--Pacific Theatre / Danette Day, 2010

 Item — Box 379: [Barcode: 31197233609558], Folder: 15
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4774
Scope and Contents

Submitted in Winter Semester 2010 by BYU student Danette Day to Professor Deirdre Paulsen, oral history of Franklin D. Day, USMC concerning the Pacific Theatre. Some of the stories deal with Mormonism.

Dates: 2010

A missionary's guide to survival using folklore / Karen Lindsey, 1998

 Item — Box 191: [Barcode: 31197233254454], Folder: 5
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2003
Scope and Contents note

Lindsey decided to focus her final project on traditions shared on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Includes traditions of passing on belongings as encouragement, pranks played on new missionaries, and traditional jokes within the mission. Project was created for Dr. Rudy's English 392 course taught at Brigham Young University in 1998.

Dates: Other: 1998

A modern day do-it-yourself pioneer / Margaret Turley, 1978

 Item — Box 59: [Barcode: 31197233253548], Folder: 9
Identifier: FA 1 Item 647
Scope and Contents

Submitted by BYU student Margaret Turley for her Winter 1978 English 392 class. A collection of various Mormon pioneer bits of cutlure. Contains a cover essay, autobiographical sketch, list of informants, and informant items. Items include folk art, folk crafts, folk customs, folk recipes, and folk sayings.

Dates: 1978

A modern middle age : the society for creative anachronism / Jayson J. Watson, 1998

 Item — Box 211: [Barcode: 31197233254538], Folder: 1
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2214
Scope and Contents note

Watson writes about the culture surrounding the Society for Creative Anachronism which attempts to dress and act like people in the Middle Ages. Project was created for Dr. Eliason's English 391 class at Brigham Young University in 1998.

Dates: Other: 1998

A monument without a tomb : contemporary evidence of Shakespeare as demonstrated through first remembered experiences / Sarah Jenkins, 2002

 Item — Box 302: [Barcode: 31197233255618], Folder: 6
Identifier: FA 1 Item 3349
Scope and Contents note Jenkins begins her research by citing Ralph Waldo Emerson, who wrote of Shakespeare, as well as Caesar, Plato, and Christ, as being part of humanity's over soul, "one mind common to all individual men." In an effort to demonstrate the truthfulness of this statement, Jenkins compares and contrasts the first-experience memories of twenty-three individuals. Additionally, Jenkins exams the multiplicity of locations the influence of William Shakespeare can be found in modern day, including (but...
Dates: Other: 2002

A native Alaskan tradition / Cheryl P. Moonier, 1987

 Item — Box 101: [Barcode: 31197233254033], Folder: 6
Identifier: FA 1 Item 1067
Scope and Contents

Cheryl P. Moonier collected personal narratives from Elaine Smiloff about the culture and traditions of the native Alaskan Koniag tribe. Included are cultural changes now that the tribe works in conjunction with the Alaskan government, a description of old beliefs of theh Koniag tribe, and details about Elaine Smiloff's personal life. Project was written for an Anthropology 315 class taught at Brigham Young University during Winter semester 1987.

Dates: 1987

A "neo" community / A. Michelle Crowley, 2007 March 30

 Item — Box 335: [Barcode: 31197233255865], Folder: 9
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4037
Scope and Contents note Item is a collection of conversations and interviews involving Online Roleplaying Games from the website "Neopets." Role playing games are games on the internet that writers can create characters and collaborating with other authors/characters build a story together. Includes an introduction and rulebook for roleplaying games, introductions to new stories being created, names that players use, stories of insulting or "flaming" that happens within the online forums, rants from players on the...
Dates: Other: 2007 March 30

A new understanding : folk medicine and my family / Lisa Ricks, 2003 August 4

 Item — Box 321: [Barcode: 31197233255725], Folder: 4
Identifier: FA 1 Item 3560
Scope and Contents note Ricks analyzes the social, cultural and historical elements behind the folk medicine common to her own family. Through means of comparing and contrasting, Ricks also examines folk medicine of other immigrants dating back to the same time period as many of the family cures began to surface in her family. Finally, Ricks discusses the scientific validity behind many such family folk remedies. Created by Lisa Ricks while enrolled in Jacqueline Thursby's English 495 class during summer semester...
Dates: Other: 2003 August 4

A new world online : an exploration of online role-playing / Amy Meeker, 2007

 Item — Box 337: [Barcode: 31197233255881], Folder: 10
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4059
Scope and Contents note Item is a collection of stories from people who engage in online role playing games and how they conduct themselves online. Online role playing games include a group of people that enter a storyline together. As a group they write about characters, plots, and work through various stories. The item includes stories of meeting people, how to be selective in which role playing game to become involved in, and some of the pros and cons of playing an online role playing game. Created for Dr....
Dates: Other: 2007