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Mormon Church -- Folklore

Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 4647 Collections and/or Records:

A guaranteed life : fantasy and reality in children's fortune-telling games / Marilee Clark, 1999

 Item — Box 202: [Barcode: 31197233254363]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2019
Scope and Contents note Clark examines fortune-telling games that are played by children. Includes diagrams, instructions and why the games are played. Project was created for an English 391 course taught at Brigham Young University in 1999.
Dates: Other: 1999

A heritage of folklore / Brenda Baker, 1994

 Item — Box 115: [Barcode: 31197233254140]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 1146
Scope and Contents Brenda Baker collected personal narratives from and about her ancestors. Included are stories about a bear trapper ancestor who was mauled by a bear and died, an explanation of why all the women in the family are headstrong, and stories from the collector's grandmother's childhood. Project was written for an English 392 class taught at Brigham Young University during Winter semester 1994.
Dates: 1994

A hole in the sky / Lynette Stephens, 1971 May 1

Identifier: FA 2 Series 3 Sub-Series 2 Item
Scope and Contents note Report by Lynette Stephens, who collected information from Dale Stephens. Story recounts how three apostles' prayer diverts rain around the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
Dates: Other: 1971 May 1

A Jew's conversion : an exploration of the characteristics of a personal narrative / Israel Hyman, 1997

 Item — Box 145: [Barcode: 31197233256111]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 1448
Scope and Contents note Hyman collected the story of his Jewish father's conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Included are a transcript of a tape in which Jerry Hyman (father) described his conversion, and descriptions of how he was introduced to the church, his first experiences with personal prayer, and a time when he accidentally swore in sacrament meeting. The project was written for an English 391 class taught at Brigham Young University in 1997.
Dates: Other: 1997

A label for life : how people get their names / Emily M. Bohe, 2004

 Item — Box 256: [Barcode: 31197233255022]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2452
Scope and Contents note Bohe explores the ways in which people decide what to name their children, and the affect of a name has on a person. Includes stories of parents having chosen the child's name years before the child arrived, family names passed through generations, and family traditions for the older children in the family to participate. Bohle was a student in Bell's English 391 course in Winter Semester of 2004 at Brigham Young University.
Dates: Other: 2004

A lady and her quilts / Kathleen T. Sant, 1971

 File — Box 38: [Barcode: 31197233253399]
Identifier: FA 1 File 379
Scope and Contents Submitted by BYU student Kathleen T. Sant for her Spring 1971 English 391 class. About the art of quilting and why it has been preserved. Contains a cover essay, informant lists, and informant items. Items include slides of various styles and types of quilting, such as special stitching and patterns.
Dates: 1971

A legacy of creativity : creative dating proposals / Tiffani Barth, 2008

 Item — Box 426: [Barcode: 31197233256947]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4258
Scope and Contents note This project looks at the creative ways single Brigham Young University students and single Mormons ask people out on dates. The person asking someone out creates an asking mechanism that is usually delivered in secret or by someone other than themselves, in which their identity is made known and their proposal is addressed. Following the proposal, the expectation is that the recipient responds to the invitation in a similarly creative way. The most profound way of extending an invitation is by...
Dates: Other: 2008

A legacy of good food / Benjamin Inouye, 2007

 Item — Box 414: [Barcode: 31197233256731]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 4137
Scope and Contents note This project examines the art of cooking, including the people, recipes and traditions it involves. This 40 item collections contains answers to the following questions: "What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the cookbook?" "What is your favorite aspect of the cookbook?" "Which are your favorite recipes and why?" and "What is the value of the cookbook to you?" Recipes include: Cha Siu Bau, Chicken Noodle Soup with Homemade Noodles, Chinese Chicken Salad, Fruit Pizza,...
Dates: Other: 2007

A life in Spanish Fork : reflections of Fern Hanson, Spanish Fork resident / Lynn Marie Greenway, 2005

 Item — Box 346: [Barcode: 31197233255980]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 3452
Scope and Contents note This project, Greenway states, is designed to give those that were born in a "hurried era" a glimpse into a slower era of the past. Greenway therefore examines the life and customs of Fern Hanson, her husband's grandmother and long-time resident of Spanish Fork, Utah. Through the means of a very relaxed and informal conversation, Greenway allows the reader to feel as though they too, were discussing the life and times of Hanson in Spanish Fork. Created by Lynn Marie Greenway while enrolled in...
Dates: Other: 2005

A life story of Florence Morrison / Kathryn Samson, 2002

 Item — Box 250: [Barcode: 31197233255014]
Identifier: FA 1 Item 2500
Scope and Contents note Project is a transcribed interview with Florence Morrison. The interview includes Morrison's personal narratives about surviving World War II, maintaining a ranch in Colorado, raising foster children, and doing genealogy work. Created by Kathryn Samson when she was enrolled in Jill Terry Rudy's English 391 class in Fall 2002.
Dates: Other: 2002