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Sfondrati family papers regarding Guadalcanal

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Vault MSS 516
Scope and Contents

Contains handwritten and printed items relating to the administration of the fiefdom of Guadalcanal. Includes information on the assignment of the area to Ercole Sfondrati, as well as its later administration. The materials also document the conflict between Sfondrati and Gaspar Alfonso Perez de Guzman over its control. Documents date from between 1599 and 1659.

Dates: 1599-1659

Instrument of convention between Ottavio Boldone and Giovanni Battista Martinelli, 1599 December 20

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 1
Scope and Contents

Instrument convention for Otta via Boldone regarding prosecutor Sfondrati Ercole, Duke of Monte Marciano, Knight of St. James de Spata, for a part of Guadalconal. Convention is between Otto Boldone and Gio. baptista Martinelli, who was already prosecutor of the same Lord Duke for another dependent of administration of the Commandery. The document was notarized and signed on December 20, 1599 by the notary Rogaro da Ambrogio Carati.

Dates: 1599 December 20

Giovanni Battista Martinelli declaration to Ercole Sfondrati, 1599 August 20

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 2
Scope and Contents Instrument of statement, obligation, and promise made by Giovanni Baptista Martinelli to the Duco Monte Marciano or Ercole Sfondrati. Instrument declares the tranfer of Martinelli's administration and income to Ercole Sfrondrati. This includes the villa, land, and commande of Guadalcanal in Spain. Document was made and notarized on August 20, 1599 by Rogaro Martinus in Como, Italy. It was also witnesses and notarized by Jacobus Ruscha and Julius Raymondus from the Venerandi...
Dates: 1599 August 20

Ercole Sfondrati power of attorney for Ottavio Boldone, 1599 December 18

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 3
Scope and Contents Legal document that gives the man-made general power of attorney to Ottavio Boldrino to act for Ercole Sfondrati Duke of Mont Marciano, Conte of the Riveria. Ottavio is granted the power to act straight and in the interests of Ercole Sfondrati so long as the interests are good intended towards the property and income granted in Guadalcanal, Spain. This power and credit was given to Ercole Sfondrati by Giovanni Baptista Martinelli who was the commanding agent of Guadalcanal. The...
Dates: 1599 December 18

Ottavio Boldrino agreement with Giovanni Battista Martinelli, 1599 December 20

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 4
Scope and Contents The legal document is an instrument of simultaneous agreement between Ottavio Boldone and the procurator, Ercole Sfondrati of the Riveria. The document also addresses Giovanni Baptista Martinelli. The agreement was made regarding the administration, holding, and acting control of Guadalcanal on behalf of the Duke (Ercole Sfrondrati). Ottavio Boldone is to control Guadalcanal in Spain. Document is notarized by Agelo Ambrosius Cardus in Milan on December 20, 1599. There is also an...
Dates: 1599 December 20

Ercole Sfondrati statement regarding payment for Giovanni Angelo Sambuca, 1618 November 5

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 5
Scope and Contents The legal document is an instrument of confession or payment made for the man Ercole Sfondrati the Duke of Monte Marciano and Conte of the Riveria. The document outlines the payment of Giovanni Angelo Sambuca in a settlement for the Conte in the Riveria. The payment made was 300 scudi, which was the traditional payment for the holding command of Guadalcanal in Spain. The document was notarized by Rogar da Luigi Vacani of Como on November 5, 1618, but the document was intended for...
Dates: 1618 November 5

Documents regarding release of command of Guadalcanal, 1661

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 6
Scope and Contents The cover sheet is folded and contains two separate documents. The documents inside are legal copies of previous notary statements the deal with the command and ownership of Guadalcanal by Ercole Sfondrati. The cover letter contains a notarized letter on the inside back fold dated April 24, 1748. The letter states the release of Guadalcanal, Spain to Isabella Serbelloni Rejna from Ercole Sfondrati. Isabella is to be the curatrix of the house and income according to the church and...
Dates: 1661

Guadalcanal cover sheet, 1690-1698

 Item — Folder: 1
Identifier: Vault MSS 516 Item 7
Scope and Contents

The cover sheet discusses the release of command of the Guadalcanal from Ercole Sfondrati voluntarily to the Count of Niebla dating 1690-1698. The document also bares a notary signature from Araldia.

Dates: 1690-1698