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Kane, Elizabeth Wood, 1836-1909



  • Existence: 1836 - 1909

biographical statement

Elizabeth Wood Kane (1836-1909) was a prominent Pennsylvania prohibitionist, philanthropist, and physician.

Elizabeth Denniston Wood was born on May 12, 1836 to William Wood and Harriet Amelia Kane, and was raised in England. Her family emigrated to New York in 1844. In 1853 she married Thomas L. Kane. With her husband and four children, Harriet Amelia Kane (1854-1896); Elisha Kent Kane (1856-1935); Evan O'Neill Kane (1861-1932); and Thomas Leiper Kane, Jr. (1863-1929), Elizabeth founded the town of Kane, Pennsylvania. She worked tirelessly for the prohibition of alcohol both in Kane, and the wider United States. Her 1872 travels with her husband in Utah are recorded in her book "Twelve Mormon Homes." She obtained a medical degree from the Women's Medical College in Philadelphia in 1883. After her husband's death later that year, she became more involved in social and philanthropic causes including the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the Kane Summit Hospital Association. She died peacefully while sleeping May 25, 1909.

Story of John Kane of Dutchess County, New York, 1921: p. 3 (born and raised in England, emigrated to New York) p. 4-5 (married to Thomas L. Kane in 1853) p. 5 (founded Kane, Pennsylvania with her husband) p. 6 (worked to promote prohibition in Kane, PA) p. 6 (traveled to Utah and wrote "Twelve Mormon Homes) p. 7-8 (graduated from Philadelphia Woman's College as a physician, was a local and regional delegate to prohibition conferences, including WCTU activities) p. 9-10 (died May 25, 1909), via WWW, Jan. 29, 2013: (Elizabeth Denniston Wood; four children: Harriet Amelia Kane (1854-1896); Elisha Kent Kane (1856-1935); Evan O'Neill Kane (1861-1932); and Thomas Leiper Kane, Jr. (1863-1929)), via WWW, Apr. 17, 2013 (Elizabeth Dennistoun Wood; b. May 12, 1836 in Bootle, England; d. May 25, 1909 in Kane, Pa.; m. Apr. 21, 1853; five children: Harriet Amelia, Elisha Kent, Evan O'Neill, Thomas Leiper, Joshua Francis)

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Elizabeth Wood Kane artifacts, date of production not identified

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 10
Scope and Contents

Contains artifacts found in the Kane family collection. These consist of two linens with the initials E.D.K. embroidered in them, and a silver creamer with the same initials. Materials are undated.

Dates: Other: date of production not identified

Elizabeth Wood Kane history of the settlement of Kane, Pennsylvania, 1868-1869

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 3 Sub-Series 2
Scope and Contents

Contains two copies of Kane's two-volume history of the settlement of Kane, Pennsylvania. One is a hand-written manuscript, while the other is a carbon-copy of a typeset edition. The book is about the founding of Kane, Pennsylvania by Kane and her husband in the mid-1800s. It mostly relates personal experiences relating to her time there, and is dedicated to her grandchildren. Items date from about 1868.

Dates: Other: 1868-1869

Elizabeth Wood Kane journals, 1858–1863, 1888-1891, 1900–1907

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 3 Sub-Series 1
Scope and Contents Contains the personal journals of Kane and various materials found within those journals. Materials include newspaper clippings, botanical pressings, receipts, letters, and notes. Ten volumes of the journal are hard-bound, while two are carbon copies of a later type-setting. The first carbon-copy is labeled "Volume Three," but volumes one and two are not present. The materials concern the everyday life and activities of Elizabeth Wood Kane, including detailed account of daily occurrences,...
Dates: Other: 1858–1863; Other: 1888-1891; Other: 1900–1907

Elizabeth Wood Kane notes and programs, 1883-1896

 Sub-Series — Box 6: Series 3 [Barcode: 31197225526927], Folder: 5
Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 3 Sub-Series 4
Scope and Contents Contains a note, a printed soft-bound booklet, and two commencement programs relating or belonging to Kane. The note is titled "Reasons Why" and gives seven reasons that her son Elisha should accompany his father to some unnamed place. The booklet contains journal entries written by Elizabeth Kane during her trip to Mexico as part of the Pan-American Medical Congress. The commencement programs are for the 1883 and 1885 commencements at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Materials...
Dates: Other: 1883-1896

Elizabeth Wood Kane papers, 1868–1907

Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 3
Scope and Contents

Contains materials related to the life and activites of Elizabeth Wood Kane. It is composed primarily of a series of journals, several bound books, and a wide variety of papers and newspaper clippings. Subjects include records of daily life, domestic tasks, family matters, the settlement of Kane, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth's activities as a medical doctor. Materials date between 1868 and 1907.

Dates: Other: 1868–1907

Elizabeth Wood Kane photographs, approximately 1850-1903, 1889 December

Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 11 Sub-Series 9
Scope and Contents

Contains photographs found in the pages of Kane's personal journals. The photographs depict people who are presumably Kane family members, and a house. Several of the photographs have deteriorated beyond recognition. Materials are largely undated and unlabeled, but presumably date from the mid-19th century to early-20th century.

Dates: approximately 1850-1903; 1889 December

Elizabeth Wood Kane recipes, approximately 1876

 Sub-Series — Box 6: Series 3 [Barcode: 31197225526927], Folder: 4
Identifier: MSS 3190 Series 3 Sub-Series 3
Scope and Contents

Contains a soft-bound recipe book belonging to Kane, and various newspaper clippings and notes found within it. The recipe book contains not only recipes, but also instructions detailing how to perform other domestic tasks like crocheting. The newspaper clippings and notes are mostly recipes, but also include articles and advertisements concerning domestic subjects. All materials are undated.

Dates: Other: approximately 1876

Thomas L. and Elizabeth W. Kane paintings

Identifier: MSS 3913
Scope and Contents

The Thomas L. and Elizabeth W. Kane Paintings, circa 1860-1865, include one archival series: Paintings, circa 1860-1865.

Dates: Approximately 1860-1865

Ancestors and descendants of Thomas L. Kane and Elizabeth W. Kane collection

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 31197231041911]
Identifier: MSS 2212
Scope and Contents

This collection is a progressional compilation of genealogical information on Thomas L. Kane, his wife Elizabeth Dennistoun Wood Kane, and their ancestors and descendants.

Dates: 1999

Thomas L. Kane pocket diary and correspondence

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Vault MSS 796
Scope and Contents Pocket diary, 1852, 12 x 7.5 cm, one volume, bound, brass-clasped, black with gold lettering, pencil entries and pencil sketches throughout; Letter of Brigham Young to Kane, 15 Dec. 1859, 7 pp., encapsulated; three additional holographic letters: Thomas L. Kane to his aunt, Mrs. Constable, n.d. 1 p.; Kane to Samuel P. Bates, historian of Pennsylvania, 6 April 1867, 2 pp.; letter of Elizabeth W. Kane to her son Elisha, 24 February 1900. 2pp. Also a photocopy of letter of Thomas L. Kane to his...
Dates: 1852-1900