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Subject Source: Cclanarrow

Found in 12944 Collections and/or Records:

William Riley Hurst diary, 1968

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 31197239239228], Folder: 7
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 7
Scope and Contents William speaks of his duties at the family store and in his public service. He writes periodically of his finances. He talks of his family relationships and church activities. He mentions his struggles with seasonal depression, as well as painful arthritis. He tells of suffering a minor stroke and expresses concern about his health. He writes about a break-in and robbery that occurred at his service station and the following investigation, including the hiring of a man with occult powers to...
Dates: 1968

William Riley Hurst diary, 1970

 Item — Box 9: [Barcode: 31197239239301], Folder: 2
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 8
Scope and Contents William expresses his growing frustration with the Native Americans he works with. He tells of some religious contention in his town. He recounts his health struggles, including migraines, arthritis, and food poisoning. He writes of his emotional turmoil when his son Winston is called to report for the draft, his disappointment when Winston later tries to evade the draft, and his relief when Winston changes his mind and ultimately reports for the draft. William expresses feelings of...
Dates: 1970

William Riley Hurst diary, 1971 January-April

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 31197239239228], Folder: 8
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 9
Scope and Contents William mentions frustration with his debtors. He writes of a bitter winter where cars can't run because their fuel congeals. He discovers that he has kidney trouble and has to report to the hospital for blood tests and exploratory surgery, where they find a cyst in his kidney. He later goes back to the hospital for major kidney surgery. He writes of his enduring back pain and a small seizure. He gives periodic reports on his favorite athletic teams. He writes much about his friends and...
Dates: 1971 January-April

William Riley Hurst diary, 1971 April-August

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 31197239239228], Folder: 8
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 10
Scope and Contents William writes his testimony of serving God's children. He expresses fatherly concern for his distant teenage daughter as well as anxiety about his place in the family and a difficulty controlling his emotions and fears. He tells of his vacation to Hawaii. He writes of his frequent back pain. He records some of the family store business updates. He writes of the resurgence of some marital problems. He is rebuked by the law for making copies of his citizenship papers in the process of getting...
Dates: 1971 April-August

William Riley Hurst diary, 1971-1972

 Item — Box 2: [Barcode: 31197239239236], Folder: 1
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 11
Scope and Contents William writes of his anxiety concerning his financial affairs. His wife falls ill and he worries for her wellbeing. He confesses to consuming alcohol at times in his life when he was feeling especially low and when his marriage was most acutely suffering. He writes of his worsening physical pain. He talks about his church activity and gratitude for his religion. He talks about his family and business. His daughter falls ill but is treated at the hospital and improves. He tells his bishop...
Dates: 1971-1972

William Riley Hurst diary, 1972 March-September

 Item — Box 2: [Barcode: 31197239239236], Folder: 2
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 12
Scope and Contents William discusses his concerns for his children and the joy he gets from watching them, as well as his deep love for his wife. He writes about Nixon's visit to Russia and America's hope to ease international tensions. He tells of a small drought that caused some anxiety among the locals. He continues to suffer from intense physical pain. He talks of his resentment at sharing his home with a boy named Tommy who was placed there by someone who was seemingly taking advantage of William's...
Dates: 1972 March-September

William Riley Hurst diary, 1972-1973

 Item — Box 2: [Barcode: 31197239239236], Folder: 3
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 13
Scope and Contents William expresses his faith and hope in the Lord. He writes of his struggles to work while sick. He laments not having enough money to accomplish his family's dreams, and he expresses depression related to his debt battles. He speaks at a friend's funeral. He writes of his personal battle against his hot temper. He attends a hearing regarding cattle theft. He writes of attending a local ball with his wife. The Native Americans threaten to revolt and put on a peaceful protest on the State...
Dates: 1972-1973

William Riley Hurst diary, 1973 April-November

 Item — Box 2: [Barcode: 31197239239236], Folder: 4
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 14
Scope and Contents

William writes his feelings of being depressed, lonely, misunderstood, and unappreciated. He writes his thoughts on the unfolding Watergate scandal. He and his wife spend some time in Utah county visiting friends and relatives. He writes of an encounter with a hippy and his thoughts about hippy styles.

Dates: 1973 April-November

William Riley Hurst diary, 1973-1974

 Item — Box 3: [Barcode: 31197239239244], Folder: 1
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 15
Scope and Contents

William expresses his distate with the British royalty. He loans money to some Navajos to help them buy heating equipment for the winter. He helps bail a young man out of jail whom he believes was framed for selling drugs to a minor. He expresses frustration with Congress and writes of Nixon's impeachment.

Dates: 1973-1974

William Riley Hurst diary, 1974 May-September

 Item — Box 3: [Barcode: 31197239239244], Folder: 2
Identifier: MSS 8812 Item 16
Scope and Contents

William writes of his loyalty to President Nixon regardless of the press's portrayal of him. He records some business advice. He becomes interested in panning for gold. He continues to suffer from insomnia and physical pain. He writes of a big drunken fight that broke out among some local boys and refuses to help bail the arrested one out of jail. He tells a local boy that he will pay for his mission if he chooses to go. William continues to struggle with depression.

Dates: 1974 May-September