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Smith, Joseph, Jr., 1805-1844



  • Existence: 1805 - 1844


Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844) was a prophet and founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Joseph Smith, Jr. was born on December 23, 1805, to parents Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. He was the fifth of eleven children. He worked on the family farm in Vermont and later in western New York. A series of remarkable spiritual experiences prepared him for his prophetic calling. Beginning in 1820 at Palmyra, New York, Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in vision. Through revelation, he translated and published the Book of Mormon, organized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 6, 1830, and received revelations to guide the Church. By inspiration, he called Apostles and other Church leaders, defined doctrines, and taught the principles and ordinances that would lead to exaltation. Under his leadership, Latter-day Saints founded communities in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. He was sustained as First Elder of the Church on April 6, 1830. On June 27, 1844, at Carthage, Illinois, Joseph Smith died a martyr to his faith.

Book of Mormon. Japanese. Morumon-kyō, 1909 (1950 printing): t.p. (Josefu Sumisu [in Japanese])

Book of Moemon. Armenian. Girkʻ Mōrmōni, 1937: t.p. (Kart. Chōzēf Smitʻh), Oct. 13, 2010 (Joseph Smith, originally Joseph Smith, Jr. (b. Dec. 23, 1805, Sharon, Vt., U.S.; d. June 27, 1844, Carthage, Ill.), prophet and founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

The Book of Mormon, 1830: title page (Joseph Smith, Junior)

Doctrine and covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, 1835: title page (Joseph Smith, Junior)

Encyclopedia of Mormonism, page 1331 (Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844), the Prophet Joseph Smith, founding prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; born December 23, 1805 in Sharon, Vermont; moved to Palmyra, N.Y. in 1816; founded the Church in Fayette, N.Y. April 6, 1830; migrated with the Church to Kirtland, Ohio in 1831; then to Far West, Missouri in 1838; finally to Nauvoo, Ill. (which he founded) in 1839; killed by a mob in Carthage, Ill. June 27, 1844)

Found in 269 Collections and/or Records:

Teaching Career at BYU, 1910-1946

Identifier: MSS 823 Series 5
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Collection contains correspondence, diaries, and research materials of M. Wilford Poulson. Some of this material is regarding his work as a psychologist. Also included are many important research documents pertaining to the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which include diaries, letters, and newspaper clippings. Much of the research of the early church history pertains to Joseph Smith. The documents date from 1826-1964. Some of the materials are originals while many are...
Dates: 1910-1946

Teaching Career at BYU, 1910-1958

Identifier: MSS 823 Series 6
Scope and Contents

Contains lecture notes and other educational materials related to M. Wilford Poulson.

Dates: 1910-1958

William Reynolds Terry autobiography

 File — Folder 1: [Barcode: 31197232487501]
Identifier: MSS 285
Scope and Contents Photocopy of a handwritten autobiography. Terry writes about his early life in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Iowa. He joined the Mormon Church in 1842 and moved to Hancock County, Illinois, in January of 1843 and tells of the murder of the first president of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith (1805-1844). Terry also writes about the persecutions the Mormons faced in Illinois, tells of the Mormon migration to Utah, and describes his life in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a school teacher. Also...
Dates: 1858

Testimony of eight witnesses

 File — Folder 1: [Barcode: 31197230324979]
Identifier: MSS SC 2560
Scope and Contents

Photograph of a handwritten statement which is published at the beginning of the Book of Mormon. The item was signed by the "Eight Witnesses" who confirmed that they saw the golden plates from which the Book of Mormon was taken. The manuscript states that Joseph Smith was the "author" of the book. This word appeared in the first edition of the Book of Mormon. In later editions, the term was changed to "translator."

Dates: 1830

The testimony of Joseph Smith's best friend

 File — Folder 1: [Barcode: 31197230322338]
Identifier: MSS SC 2318
Scope and Contents

Typescript of a biography of Joseph Smith (1805-1844) by his secretary. Johnson relates his personal observations of Smith and treats many topics relating to the prophet's work and doctrines. Also included is a typescript of a vision by Joseph Eldridge Robinson (1867- ), president of the California Mission for the Mormon Church from 1901-1919, relating to Benjamin Johnson and Joseph Smith.

Dates: 1900-1910

The first vision : the visitation of the Father and the Son to Joseph Smith / The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints presents ; a Brigham Young University production ; producer-director, David K. Jacobs, 1975-1976

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: UA 5625 Series 2 Sub-Series 5
Scope and Contents Film was released in 1976, and was produced by the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Department for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It focuses on the experience of Joseph Smith in 1820 that had lead to his vision of God and Jesus Christ. The film was made for the purpose of missionary work and to be used in church visitor centers. The collection contains multiple copies of the film, one on videocassette, one on a church history compilation VHS entitled "Moments from...
Dates: 1975-1976

The lost manuscript / Brigham Young University ; produced and directed by Wetzel O. Whitaker ; [screenplay, Doug Stewart], 1974

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: UA 5625 Series 2 Sub-Series 17
Scope and Contents

Film was released in 1974, and was produced by Brigham Young University Motion Picture Department for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The film depicts the translation of the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith and the loss of the first 116 pages by Martin Harris. The collection has one copy on a film reel. Dated 1974.

Dates: 1974

The Spalding Manuscript and the Greek and Roman Classics

 Collection — Folder 1: [Barcode: 31197232564366]
Identifier: MSS 8991
Scope and Contents Contains a typed copy of "The Spalding Manuscript and the Greek and Roman Classics" written by Dale W. Adams from Park City, Utah. The material discusses the connections between Solomon Spalding's manuscript of the Roman discovery of the Americas with Homeric epics including "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" while also discrediting claims made by critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints concerning Joseph Smith plagiarizing this manuscript when writing "The Book of Mormon"....
Dates: 2017 February 23

Though he slay me : the story of Richard Ballantyne

 File — Folder 1: [Barcode: 31197230318567]
Identifier: MSS SC 2006
Scope and Contents

Typewritten manuscript with corrections. Sonne portrays Richard Ballantyne as a modest and taciturn Scotsman who converted to the Mormon religion and migrated to the United States. He distinguished himself as a Mormon pioneer, settler, and missionary. Richard met Joseph Smith (1805-1844), the Mormon prophet, in Nauvoo, Illinois and later moved to Utah. He also served a mission for the Mormon Church in India. The manuscript was later published under the title: "Knight of the Kingdom."

Dates: approximately 1948

A thrilling dream

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Vault MSS 292
Scope and Contents

Handwritten account of a dream written down by William Huntington in his diary on 1 Feb. 1845 over seven months after Smith was killed and purports to be in Smith's own words. The dream tells about Smith seeing a beautiful lady and a rider.

Dates: Other: 1845 February 1