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Zhongguo gong chan dang



  • Existence: 1921-

Administrative History

Zhongguo gong chan dang (established 1921) is the political party of the Republic of China.

Zhongguo gang chan dang was founded in 1921 as a revolutionary movement and political party influenced by the May Fourth Movement and Marxism. In its early years it partnered was allied with Zhongguo guo min dang, the national party in China. Zhonguo gang chan dang was forced out of Shanghai, but maintained an underground existence, when the two parties broke the alliance. Mao Zedong and other leaders grew the party from peasant populations in the countryside, eventually becoming the Chinese Soviet Republic. The Republic was soon destroyed by the Zhongguo guo min dang, the Zhongguo gong chan dang fled to Yan'an in what is called the Long March.

the Xi'an Incident brought the two parties together under a united front against Japanese invasion. The war ended in 1945, and the civil war picked up again with Zhongguo gong chan dang defeating the Zhongguo guo min dang, causing the retreat to Taiwan. Zhongguo gong chan dang became the official party of the People's Republic of China in 1949 under Mao Zedong. Mao initiated the controversial Great Leap Forward, and there was a divide in the ideology of the party. Mao died in 1976, and Deng Xiaoping took control of the party. It is one of the largest political parties in existence.


Brittanica, via WWW, October 15, 2018 (People’s Republic of China, 1949 gov’t; 1921 founded, political party; Nationalist alliance, ousted, underground; Mao, peasant support; Chinese Soviet Republic, 1931; destroyed by Nationalists, Long March, Yan’an; Xi’an Incident, United Front; 1946 civil war, support; Soviet model to odds; Great leap Forward, 1958-60; Cultural Revolution; radical, pragmatic divide; Mao death, 1976; Deng Xiaoping; Four Modernizations; party chair, 1981, Hua Guofeng; one of the largest parties; monopolistic)

Found in 48 Collections and/or Records:

Biographical material about and by Helen Foster Snow, 1935-1987

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8 Sub-Series 1
Scope and Contents Contains papers and articles written by and about Helen Foster Snow, including autobiographical pieces by Snow; articles about her pseudonym by June Rice, and other papers by Kelly Ann Long and Lora Sabin. Also included are articles about Helen's 80th birthday celebration and exhibition, the Helen Foster Snow Institute at Utah State University, and correspondence.

Edgar Snow papers, 1928-1994

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8 Sub-Series 2
Scope and Contents Contains information written by or about Edgar Parks Snow. Includes correspondence, poetry, manuscripts, articles about Red Star Over China and other literature, notes, articles on Edgar written or typed by Helen and others, symposium speeches about Edgar, financial papers, obituaries, and pamphlets.

Helen Foster Snow artifacts, approximately 1850

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 7
Scope and Contents Contains artifacts from Helen Foster Snow's family and career, including an ancestral coverlet, items from Chinese cooperatives, clothing worn or obtained while in China, certificates, and medals. Also contains a list of artifacts and accompanying descriptions provided by Helen Foster Snow. Dated approximnately 1850, and approximately 1925 to 1991.

Helen Foster Snow books, 1938-2000

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8
Scope and Contents Contains items in Chinese written by Helen Foster Snow (as herself and under her pseudonym, Nym Wales) such as the Chinese editions of Song of Ariran, Inside Red China, and Return to China- and by Wu Jiliang. Also items in English, by various authors (one by Nym Wales: "China Builds For Democracy"), on Chinese history, tourism, government, and other subjects related to the country. Includes biographies of Americans with connections to China. Dated from 1938-2000.

Helen Foster Snow collection addendum, 1925-2000

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 8
Scope and Contents Contains materials added later to the Helen Foster Snow collection, including documents, books, and pamphlets. Materials span much of her life, and represent many of her experiences both in the United States and in China. Materials date from 1925 to 2000.

Helen Foster Snow documents written in Chinese, 1927-1997

 Sub-Series — Box: 35
Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 2 Sub-Series 4
Scope and Contents Contains essays by Helen Foster Snow, a Chinese translation of one of her novels, articles and reports on Helen Foster Snow, papers on Edgar Snow, letters to Helen, articles about Helen's friends and Indusco, copies of articles Helen collected, essays by Edgar, a film on Helen, and letters about Helen and her book. Materials range from 1927 to 1997.This sub-series contains manuscripts in Chinese that deal with a number of various subjects. Only the titles have been translated to aid...

Helen Foster Snow essays, 1919-1993

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 17
Scope and Contents Essays written by Helen Foster Snow, ranging from 1919 to 1993. Includes untitled works and pages from unidentified works at the end.

Helen Foster Snow family papers, 1833-1999

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 1
Scope and Contents Contains research and writings compiled by Helen Foster Snow early in her life regarding her family history and genealogical records of New England.

Helen Foster Snow files on China Builds for Democracy, undated

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 3
Scope and Contents note Contains book covers, carbon copy drafts with an alternate title, Indian copy with introduction by Jawaharlal Nehru, complete and partial manuscript drafts in sections, bound copy of the 1941 edition, reviews, notes and research, and letters and essays about the book.

Helen Foster Snow files on Fables and Parables, undated

Identifier: MSS 2219 Series 3 Sub-Series 5
Scope and Contents note A collection of Helen's short stories published in 1952. Contains annotated and plain carbon copy drafts of the book, reveiws, loose fables, and a partial draft.